Welcome to my commission page! Bust example. Full illustration example.
Full body lineup! A commission for a dear friend! I also have worked on character design! If you are interested on a chara design, hit me up! Chibi example!
Full illustration example! (Happy 25 years of PKMN!) Full body illustration example! (happy 21 Majora's Mask!) I can also work on character sheets and Gijinka's of your faves and ocs! Here is an example of gijinka designs by me :3 plus their original designs (puppets) Full Illustration!



How to Commission me! ;*

Some steps to follow for a more organized commission request!

You might approach me via direct message on my social media (toiletocelot on twitter and groovy_ocelot on instagram) or via email at to see if I’m taking commissions. I’m always open to taking commissions until stated otherwise.PLEASE CHECK OUT MY ToS

Once I have accepted, you might start detailing your request!

  • Type of commission (Sketch, Chibi, Bust, Full Body, Full Illustration…if you’d like extra characters or anything that involves talking about prices.)
  • YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL so I can make the invoice and proceed to work on the piece once you have provided all of the info.
  • The subject of your commission and details (I would like x and y characters doing this or that, I would like this composition, I would like the characters to have this type of dynamic, etc etc)
  • References of the subject (be it the characters, moodboards, colors, a messy sketch of what you’d like to see, etc), also references of a work or works of mine that you’d like me to take as reference for your piece (I like the coloring on this piece or the linework or the composition or the feeling).
  • Note: It’s okay if you don’t have anything so detailed or specific for me to work on, but I would prefer that you sent me in which kind of style of mine you would like me to work! (Example:I want a chibi in this style with this type of coloring) It will help us both a lot, me to provide what you want and you to enjoy your commission the most.