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A bit about the artist!

Hi! groovy here!

    All u need to know about me is that I LOVE to draw and create stuff, I love exploring weird, obscure and taboo themes with my art! I'm too old for your internet puritanism, life is too short so I will draw whatever I feel like drawing. I come from the "third world" so gringos and their morals mean nothing to me. Stop living in a bubble.

    About the artist's ART™

    I love exploring all the range of sexual expression in art, but the ones I will throw on the most is the hentai type: huge dongs and tities, floppy squishy bodies, and weird monsters with all of the above. My fave flavors to cook are incence, shotaloli, age gap, breeding kink, mpreg, non con, somno, brainwashing, sex slavery and the MOST EXTREME FOOD: unrequited, one sided, unresolved sexual tension. Also the delicious "x dies and y loses their will to live" ans the MOST EXQUISITE FLAVOR: "both commit suicide". Those to name a few and the most recurrent in my kitchen. :9

    With that out of the way, if you are here, I hope u enjoy ur stay!



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Putting my faves into categories!

A meme from last year :^D



Some of my oldest yaoi from when I was 15! A classic.