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Malas Influencias

3 bitches doing their worst

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The fake (KONKON) arcade fighting game where bunnies FIGHT. A neogeo tribute!

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Granjita: Bizcocho & Co.

All the farm shenanigans HERE. Mostly XXX.

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Popurrí of all the characters I have made that have little to no backstories. The lost children of groovy.

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Monster gals who are a Mob. Don't mess with them.

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My messed up take on angels and certain famous character whose name starts with J and ends with esus.

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What is it??

Here's some context info for all the oc stuff rotting my brain!


  • WHO ARE MALAS INFLUENCIAS? They are 3 gals, Satana (a bimbo), Zarzaparrilla (serious individual, don’t bother), and a beetle bitch called Chicote (scum of the earth, oppai luvr). These 3 are the main original characters I draw, or the most I’ve put thought into.
  • WHO ELSE LIVES IN THIS WORLD? Anything that I desire to anthropomorphize, it will live here, from animals to objects to whatever. But seriously, I’ve made so many characters just because, that I couldn’t just leave them to ‘die’ forgotten….and I wasn’t gonna create a different story-world for them all, so I made a mix of shit and want to make it all work, that being said, this ‘place’ includes Animal Friends (the farm ocs and sea animal creatures) Emoji ocs, Archangel ocs and Bunny ocs….plus a lot of misc characters, old and new.
  • They all have to coexist and I’m constantly thinking of new stuff to make them work together as a ‘society’, world or whatever. So you have the Malas Influencias gals cosplaying Bizcocho and drinking Milk™ and also playing arcade games featuring Bunny ocs.
  • OK, BUT HOW DOES THIS WORLD WORK? Sames as our shit society/world, but worst, if it’s problematic, in this shithole nobody cares. Also weird fetish shit because life is meaningless.



eternal wip

I have to add a gallery for each oc category... I need a lot of time....