Chicote reads fanfiction Sacred texts. Proceed with caution.

Here is a list of some of my fave fics, most of them are spicy.

Fic Taste
Knife Leon/Krauser Absolute mindbreak, BEST Krauser/Leon fic out there. From 2010.
In Which Guy is an Oblivious Idiot, and Kakashi is Exclusively Attracted To Idiots GaiKaka. Oblivious Gai x Horny Kakashi, apetite fullfilled.
Chimney Smoke Lane Jim Halsey/ John Ryder A 2003 fanfic of The Hitcher (1986) It's simply the best and a jewel for me. Makes me cry to have found an antique fic of my absolute fave movie of all time that touches things that I like to explore on this ship.
Two Shoes for a Hat Watson/Holmes(DowneyMovies) Rdjude Watson/Holmes was my everything for me back on 2010, this fic is recent tho. It's hard for me to find this kind of take on the ship, also since the most popular version of the pair is bbc one. This fic is amazing, adore the characterization so much it hurts. As if they would have met like this in the movies. I feel it. Another fic I don't want to ever lose.
Bark, dog. The Lighthouse yaoi. TopRobPat/BottomDafoe. Short and sexy. Everything I wanted.
hallowed heart kakuhi The BEST kakuhi fic. The little details and "lore" put into it is excellent. Extra love because of Kakuzu's masks. I adore his masks and when they are treated like "pets".
Tea Leaves and Transcendence kakuhi The BEST kakuhi fic. Huh- wait. BEST kakuhi writer. I love how they handle Hidan's quirks with Jashin and everything's just *chef kiss* Hidan's horniness is just too well written. Excellent.
Zombie Combo kakuhi The only kakuhi "fix-it", or "they don't die", fic. PERFECTION. On character. I don't want to ever lose this fic!!
Apples and Oranges Nook/Redd This is the only Tom Nook x Redd fic I need. Nothing can top it.
And I His God kakuhi I made a whole ass animated comic out of this fic. That's how much I loved it!
Needed yashisato (bokumachi) My absolute fave Yashiro x Satoru. Delusional Yashiro *chef kiss*.
Lunch Break Utsuro/Oboro/Shouyou(gintama) The fic I didn't know I needed from gintaman. A rare ship, but extremely tasty nonetheless.
Do What You Want OkiHiji(gintama) It's the ONLY OkiHiji fic I have found in the exact flavor I prefer. It's hard to find OkiHiji (TopOkita) v.v but this one is hella bc Tosshi comes into the scene and makes it kinda 'sick one-sided obsession'.
Not This Again ichikara (ososan) Tasty. Excellent. THE IchiKara. High Impact Sexual Violence. Morning Ichikara quickie.
sometimes, we fall ichikara (ososan) PWP Ichikara. High Impact Sexual Violence again.
Sweet Dreams ichikara (ososan) Somno Ichikara is just too excellent.
Masking His Feelings ichikara (ososan) JasonIchixBathrobeKara. Neat.
Charlie Becomes the Scientist's Bitch Scientist/Charlie (asip) Another rare pair. From back when Pacific Rim was everywhere, the ship of the scientist was popular, and casually Hermann's actor was on always sunny as a scientist, and ofc, Charlie the stupid fuk he is was an experiment. This fic is complete brainwashing and manipulation. Truly an excellent piece that I don't want to ever lose. From back on 2013.
Wilting eruri (snk) "Levi wilts" has to be one of my fave tags this fic has. Depressing eruris is my fave eruri flavor.
not easy to forget eruri (snk) Another depressing eruri. Depressed Levi is everything.
Teacup ENG eruri (snk) I LOOOOVE it when eruri is subtle. Sweet. sfw.
Time-and-a-Half mobrei (mp100) voyeour mob, onahole reigen, can i make it more obvious?