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groovy 2021

The artist has all the rights to the piece. The artist can use the piece for commercial purposes and to advertise their services. The client can reprint with the permission of the artist and the respective credit. The piece cannot be used for commercial purposes by the client (example, reselling the piece). The client can request for the artwork to not be posted on any medium (the artist’s social media or public spaces) BUT the client will have to pay an extra %50 fee of the total cost of piece for this. (example: a piece with a total of $50 will be paid an extra $25 for it to not be published or used by the artist on any social media.)

My workflow consists on getting full payment beforehand before I start working on the piece. I will send a paypal invoice for payment. Once payment is due, I will start with a sketch that will be presented to the commissioner to see if there are any changes to be made before continuing with the final lineart and coloring. If commissioner wants a certain type of coloring seen on past artworks of mine, please state at the beggining of the requesting process. If it is not stated, the artist will take creative liberties and the client won't be able to request changes on the coloring after it is done.

The artist will send 3 files: Sketch, Lineart and the Final Colored Piece to an e-mail chosen by the commissioner.

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